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13 Feb. 2024 
Our ID11 beamline measurement was successfully carried out during a 4-day experimental run at the ESRF. We are studying the  'Fisheye' formation in hydrogen charged low alloy cast steel containing porosity. The team members were:
S. Kalácska (CR, EMSE, main proposer), A. Borbély (DR, EMSE), P. Saby (PhD Student, EMSE), P.D. Ispánovity (Associate prof., Eötvös University), D. Ugi (postdoc, Eötvös University),
J. Ball (postdoc, ESRF local contact), P.O. Autran (ESRF) ,
H. Fang (ESRF) and  J.P. Wright (ESRF) .


03 Nov. 2023 
Today starts a 4-day long measurement campaign at the European XFEL MID instrument. The objective: 'Combined imaging-diffraction characterization of shock waves in metallic materials' by femto-second lasers and synchrotron X-ray imaging. Major collaborators: A. Borbely (main proposer, EMSE), L. Rousseau (PhD student, EMSE), J. Hageman (DESY), J-P. Colombier (UJM), X. Sedao (EMSE), A. R. Rodriguez (XFEL). 

11 Sept. 2023 
Looking for a
POSTDOC in the field of Micromechanics. More information can be found here -------->
The application is continuous, until the right candidate is found.


13 Jul. 2023 
The submission to the ERC Starting Grant 2024 is now open (link to the information page HERE). The call deadline is 24th October 2023.


02 Jun. 2023 
The ESRF beamline proposal for ID11 was accepted by the scientific committee. The aim will be to study 'Fisheye' formation in hydrogen charged low alloy cast steel containing porosity using HR-EBSD, micromechanics, 3D diffraction and tomography. The experiments will be performed during 4 days in the beginning of next year.

Less recent updates


02 Sept. 2022 
The webpage of INSIS (L’institut des sciences et de l’ingénierie des systèmes) has published a report on our paper published in Nature Communications. This link will take you to the CNRS page to read more about the story.


01 Aug. 2022 
Project INSTINCT has been accepted to be funded by the ANR committee!
The duration is 42 months, and one postdoc position will be opened on high strain rate and cryogenic micromechanics. 

09 May 2022 
Looking for a
PhD student in the field of Micromechanics. More information can be found here -------->
The application deadline is
31st May, 2022.


10 Mar. 2022 
S. Kalácska was invited to give a lecture at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in May 2022. During the event "Recent advances in the physics of condensed matter" she presented her research about 
High resolution electron backscattered diffraction (HR-EBSD) development in the experimental study of dislocation systems.


25 Feb. 2022 
Our homepage is live!
The pre-proposal INSTINCT has been accepted for the second round of ANR JCJC. The deadline is in one month. More information here.

Media Online

The COCONUT project is developing an alternative concept for high-level waste storage containers that are resistant to corrosion over very long periods of time. To achieve this, two innovations have been tested for three years: dynamic cold spray technology (cold spray) and the use of an alloy of materials.


Guillaume Kermouche (EMSE)

Sergio Sao Joao (EMSE)

Nicolas Compère (MANUTECH USD)

Professional experience
Szilvia Kalacska



Laboratoire Georges Friedel, MINES Saint-Étienne, FRANCE


Empa Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Thun, SWITZERLAND


Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest, HUNGARY

CNRS Researcher (CR) – Micromechancs in extreme conditions

Postdoctoral Researcher – Laboratory of Mechanics of Materials and Nanostructures

Ph.D. studies – Physicist, Materials and Solid State Physics specialization

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