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#INSTINCT is a Young Researcher's project (Jeunes Chercheuses et Jeunes Chercheurs) funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR). Topic: In situ micromechanical investigation of solids under extreme conditions. PI: S. KalacskaGrant No. ANR-22-CE08-0012-01


G. Kermouche, F. Christien (LGF Mines St. Etienne)
M. Fivel (SIMAP Grenoble)

Y. Charles, S. Queyreau (LSPM Paris)

P.D. Ispánovity (ELTE Budapest)


  1. Irreversible evolution of dislocation pile-ups during cyclic microcantilever bending ( 2023)


This is a collaborative project between Mines St. Etienne, University of Manchester and external industrial partners on the corrosion and weakening of maraging stainless steels by hydrogen.


Main Collaborators:

F. Christien, S. Kalacska (LGF, Mines St. Etienne)

Z. Obadia (Airbus)

D. Bechet (Auber & Duval)


  1. Investigation of quasi-cleavage in a hydrogen charged maraging stainless steel (Corrosion Science 2023)

Project #CASCADE

The aim of the project is to highlight the differences in physical properties at the microscopic scale thanks to the sonification (transposition of the high frequencies produced in the audible domain) of the elastic waves created during the compression of materials.


A. Pitti, C. Lavandier (Cergy Paris Université)

A. Pathé (JUNIA Lille)

P.D. Ispánovity, D. Ugi (ELTE Budapest)

S. Kalacska (LGF, Mines St. Etienne)

Project #µCin&MAT

This international research project (IRP) aims to bring together various French and American laboratories around the measurement of the kinematic field at the microstructure scale in order to study the elementary mechanisms of deformation of metallic materials from 20K to 1300K.

Metallic Flower

D. TexierJ.C. Passieux (INSA Toulouse)

V. Valle, S. Hemery (Université de Poitiers)

G. Kermouche, S. Kalacska (LGF, Mines St. Etienne)

J.C. Stinville, M.A. Charpagne (University of Illinois)

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